How to

buy and sell

my NFTs

How do


(NFTs) work?

Traditional works of art such as paintings

are valuable precisely because

they are one of a kind.

But digital files

can be easily and

endlessly duplicated.

With NFTs,

artwork can be "tokenised"

to create a digital certificate

of ownership

that can be bought

and sold.

As with crypto-currency,

a record of who owns what

is stored on a shared ledger

known as the blockchain.

The records cannot be forged

because the ledger is maintained

by thousands of computers

around the world.

NFTs can also contain

smart contracts

that may give the artist,

for example,

a cut of any future sale

of the token.

Learn more for example on cointelegraph:

"How to convert your digital art

into NFTs and sell it"

How to start

buy and sell

my NFTs on

the web3/ blockchains


Step 01 of 03

Install wallets

and browser extensions

Install for example

the wallet and

the browser extension

Browsers to surf the web3,

for example Brave (native),

Opera (native),

then Chrome, Firefox and Edge

(maybe some extensions needed)

Install also the browser extension

(for example in Chrome) to visit my domains.

I use

my following NFT domains

ArmandoSantalucia.x |

.wallet | .crypto | .coin | .nft

CoolingBox.x |

.wallet | crypto | .coin | .nft

(bought at Unstoppable Domains,

minted on Polygon)

as universal username across

(d)apps and websites (web2 and web3)

website URL

payment address for wallets

and much more.

Contact me before

sending cryptocurrencies

If you install/ use Coinbase Wallet

type @ArmandoSantalucia

to send me some cryptos

If you install/ use Trust Wallet

you can simply type


Find more wallets and applications

integrated with


Step 02 of 03

Buy cryptocurrencies

ETH, BNB, MATIC and more

Buy some cryptocurrencies

directly in your installed wallet

or on a crypto exchange

like |


To buy 1 of my 117 NFTs

you need a Binance account or


Step 03 of 03

Buy & sell NFTs

Proceed as follows

To buy and sell my NFTs

proceed as follows:


Please install the mentioned

wallets, browsers, browser extensions


then buy for example some ETH


and visit the following sites;

find me at ...

(to show my NFTs in 3D gallery)


or proceed as follows

How to


1 of my 117 NFTs

(investors only)

Following QR code

shows how it looks like


of my 117 NFTs

has its own

QR code


You need

a Binance account or


the scanner

in your Binance App

to scan & pay



"01 Collections"

are for sale

01 Collection - 39


01 Collection - 39

01 Collection - 39